How to Disable WordPress Core Updates

    in the Nexcess Portal

    WordPress major updates include new features but can also cause breaking changes on your site in order to not have this happen it is possible to disable WordPress from updating to a major release on your site. By default, Nexcess will automatically update your WordPress install to the most current version whenever a new release for WordPress is released. However, we understand some sites owner want more control over which type of update for WordPress happens on your site.

    Login to the portal of your site. Select the plan for your site Plans.

    Then go to select the Plan Dashboard. In the Environment tab in the portal toggle off Core Updates. If you turn off core updates for your site it will mean that minor updates will still be updated but the site will not update to a major update. 

    To explain the difference between major and minor WordPress update releases. WordPress 5.8 is a major release, whilst version 5.8.1 was a minor release.

    major release will have new features and can break backward compatibility. A minor release will include bug and security fixes.

    If you have a number of plugins with updates on the site then create a staging site to then update the outdated plugins on then. Then you will need to update the same plugins on the live site and then re-enable WordPress core updates on it.

    You can also update the WordPress core using the following WP-CLI commands.

    wp core update --version=5.8.1 --force

    wp core update-db

    wp core version

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