How to use iThemes Security Pro Plugin

    On Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce Hosting

    iThemes Security Pro is a security plugin for WordPress which has many built-in features & smart defaults to help secure your site. 

    Note: iThemes Security Pro 7.0 requires WordPress 5.7 and PHP 7.0 or later.

    After the plugin is installed and activated it will add a new menu called Security in your WordPress admin.

    In version 7.0.0 now includes a setup to make setting up iThemes Security Pro even easier and will help you get iThemes Security Pro setup in under 10 minutes.

    Select the security site template that best fits your site and then run through the clear steps.

    You can click through each of the steps iThemes Security Pro to see what the current settings are. You can also read through the iThemes Security Settings documentation to learn more about each setting and what they do. Once setup iThemes Security Pro plugin will protect your site to:

    • Stop automated attacks
    • Monitor for suspicious activity
    • Strengthen user credentials
    • Scan for vulnerable plugins and themes
    • Block bad bots and reduce spam

    iThemes Security Pro has a number of advanced features (which aren’t available in the free version). 

    iThemes Security Pro will write out security settings to the .htaccess file on the site's server and will make minor changes to the site's wp-config.php file. iThemes Security Pro includes a number of WordPress security tweaks but remember to test these since they might cause plugin or theme issues on your site.

    Once you’re happy with your settings make sure you click save and rest easy knowing your site is protected by both Nexcess & iThemes Security Pro.

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