What is WordPress?

    September 14, 2020

    WordPress is a popular, free, open source tool used for blogging and content management.


    WordPress is popular and free software used in website design, content management, and blogging. Based on PHP and MySQL, it allows users to customize its appearance and function with thousands of themes and plug-ins, many of which are also free. Skilled users may also develop their own plug-ins and themes. 

    Most mobile devices may also use WordPress, albeit with limited functionality. Blog posts and comment moderation typically function best with these devices.

    Visit the WordPress website for more information.


    Like any high-profile CMS, WordPress is consistently targeted by hackers. Though no system is "hack proof," adopting security plug-ins and using only trusted themes and plug-ins will make a website more resistant to attack. The WordPress installation and all associated themes and plug-ins must also be updated regularly.


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