Better Product Reviews for WooCommerce

    October 18, 2021

    Product reviews are a strong source of information (social proof) for customers as they make buying decisions on a website. In-fact, the more information that’s exposed in a review, the stronger the selling power. Better Product Reviews for WooCommerce gives your store superpowers to help you sell more. Every feature within the plugin is designed to put the right information in front of visitors so they’ll feel confident in their purchasing decision.

    Native WooCommerce Reviews

    WordPress comes with a built-in commenting system and it powers the out-of-the-box review system in WooCommerce. Natively, at the bottom of the Products -> General tab in WooCommerce settings, WooCommerce allows store owners to: 

    • Enable / disable reviews
    • shop a verified owner tag on reviews
    • allow only verified owners to leave reviews
    • enable star ratings
    • and make star ratings mandatory

    More Features with Better Product Reviews for WooCommerce

    Once enabled, Better Product Reviews for WooCommerce adds functionality to the existing reviews system to create a rich review experience. Because there are more options, the plugin has a dedicated product reviews tab within WooCommerce settings screen.

    Product review settings

    Enable reviews

    This option dictates whether or not shoppers are allowed to leave reviews on products. Make sure this checkbox is selected in order to use the Better Product Reviews for WooCommerce plugin.

    Anonymous reviews

    Non-logged-in users may leave reviews on products within your store when this option is selected. Keep in mind that the strongest reviews are those from verified non-anonymous sources.

    Verified reviews

    This checkbox enables the verified reviews functionality that comes standard with WooCommerce. With this option selected, reviews from customers that review a product they’ve previously purchased will be marked with the verified reviewer tag.

    Reviews can only be left by verified owners

    If this feature is turned on, users will not be able to leave any reviews unless they’ve previously completed a purchase for the product they’re reviewing.

    Product review attributes

    Product review attributes give store owners the ability to have customers review individual features of a product separately when leaving a product review. For instance, if a store is selling a t-shirt, and the store owner would like people to be able to leave reviews regarding the fit of the shirt (in addition to the main review), the store owner can create a global or per-product star rating for the t-shirt fit. 

    When make reviewable attributes global is selected, product review attributes are set globally for all products. When deselected, product review attributes are set on a per-product basis.

    Review author traits

    Sometimes it’s important to allow a reviewer to qualify their review by self-identifying with a particular demographic. For instance, if you’re purchasing a skateboard, it would be helpful to know if the reviewer was a professional skateboarder or an amateur. Author traits are attributes that reviewers can self-identify with when leaving a review.

    When make review author traits global is selected, author trait options are set globally for all reviewers. When deselected, review author traits are set on a per-product basis.

    Reminders and follow up

    Reminders and follow up is a great way to encourage customers to leave a review after they’ve purchased. 

    Enable reminders

    When selected, email reminders will be sent. When deselected, email reminders will not be sent.

    Reminder delay

    Reminder delay is the amount of time from the date of purchase that the system will wait until sending a reminder to a customer. We recommend doubling your average shipping time to come up with this delay value. This amount of time usually gives a buyer enough time to try the product out.

    Email template

    The review reminder email template is a standard WooCommerce transactional email template that can be edited just like any other transactional email templates.

    The Product Reviews admin menu

    Store owners can access the Better Product Reviews for WooCommerce admin menu by hovering over the product reviews menu item on the WordPress admin menu.

    All Reviews

    This is the area where individual product reviews will be listed. This area won’t have any entries until a reviewer submits a review.

    Review attributes

    Review attributes are individual features of products that a store owner would like reviewers to review. By defining a review attribute the attribute will show up as a reviewable item for products in the shop. If all attributes in the review attributes list should apply to every product in the store, select make reviewable attributes global within the plugin settings.

    If make reviewable attributes global is deselected in plugin settings, items added to the review attributes area will show up as checkboxes to select / deselect per item within the review attributes metabox.

    Author traits

    Author traits help potential buyers relate to reviewers. For instance, if you’re selling activewear and reviewers can self-identify their experience level, others of the same experience level will relate more and be more likely to purchase as a result.

    If make review author traits global is deselected in plugin settings, items added to the review author traits area will show up as checkboxes to select / deselect per item within the review author traits metabox.

    A complete reviews feature-set for WooCommerce

    The Better Product Reviews for WooCommerce plugin adds additional features to provide a complete reviews feature-set for WooCommerce stores of any size. If you have questions or feature requests, please get in touch!

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