CRMs to use with WooCommerce

    May 26, 2021

    WooCommerce is a well-used plugin for adding ecommerce functionality to your site to be able to manage your customers. It is recommended to use a customer relationship management (CRM). 

    There are two solid options for a CRM that works with WooCommerce — the first is Jetpack CRM.

    Jetpack CRM will automatically sync new orders and customers from WooCommerce in the CRM if you use WooCommerce Connect. Jetpack CRM includes a lite CSV importer to be able to import any existing contacts you have.

    Some of the features of Jetpack CRM include an invoices plugin, client manager, lead generation tool, quotes and customer proposals creation, billing system for WordPress, and business transactions manager.

    The second CRM plugin option for WooCommerce is FluentCRM.

    FluentCRM automatically integrates with WooCommerce and will import contacts into your CRM dashboard. You can create automations for WooCommerce using the FluentCRM plugin on your site.

    FluentCRM includes a number of features such as email campaign management, 360 contact view, contact segmentation, email sequencing, email marketing automation, and granular reporting.

    Using a CRM will help you be able to manage customers and leads on your site. Jetpack CRM or FluentCRM are both solid options that are easy to install and use on your site.

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