How to use Fast on your WooCommerce Store

    August 31, 2021

    About 70% of all potential customers add items to shopping carts in online stores but never go forward with purchasing them. Many customers say they leave items behind because they don’t want to bother with tedious and complex checkout processes. 

    Fast reduces that friction with its one-click payment button, Fast Checkout. Fast Checkout increases conversions and makes shopping delightful. 

    Nexcess has partnered with Fast to optimize your checkout experience. Here is the step-by-step guide to activate your pre-installed Fast Checkout for WooCommerce plugin. It should take no more than 10 mins for the end-to-end process:

    Step 1: wp-admin Activation

    In order to use Fast Checkout on your store, you will need to activate the plugin in wp-admin. 

    In wp-admin, on the plugins screen, search for fast checkout. We have pre-installed the Fast Checkout plugin, and you will need to activate it:

    Step 2: Enter Business Information

    You can then continue with your Fast Checkout activation by becoming a Fast Seller and entering your business details here.

    Create an account

    Start by completing the account form with your email and name. This will establish your authentication with your Fast account—make sure you enter your email correctly. Once you’ve entered your email you will receive a six-digit pin to confirm ownership of your business email address.

    Organization Details

    Complete your organization details by entering them in the required fields.

    Complete your store details

    Please be sure to add an active website domain or you will receive a verification error. You won't be able to work locally to test your integration, unfortunately, unless you use a live sandbox domain.


    Select the WooCommerce option under ‘What platform are you using?’

    Installation Fast Checkout

    For this step, the only action you need to take is clicking the ‘next’ button at the bottom of the screen, rather than the ‘help me go Fast’ button. This will take you to the next step.

    Complete business verification

    Click Continue account setup so you can complete your business verification. You will need your Employer Identification Number (EIN) or your Social Security Number (SSN) if you use that for tax purposes.

    Please note: If you have a DBA, please use your DBA information for all business details. Then when you reach the EIN section under ‘business verification,’ you will enter your EIN for your legal business name. There will be an option to edit these details, here is where you will enter your legal business name. 

    Complete Banking Details

    Complete all onboarding tasks

    Complete any other onboarding tasks you may have in your Fast seller dashboard. Once all of your onboarding tasks are complete and your website integration is successful, you're ready to start leveraging the benefits of 1-click Fast Checkout!

    Step 3: Complete Fast Plugin Setup

    You will need to copy the API key into your plugin settings. This can be found in the ‘profile’ section on the left-hand side of your Fast seller dashboard.

    Copy your App ID from your seller dashboard and enter it into the App ID field in the Fast plugin settings. Click Save Changes at the bottom.

    Congratulations, you are now ready to go Fast!

    Edit the appearance of the button

    Edit the default CSS of the Fast button in the Styles tab.

    Button Options

    Set additional options to customize the functionality of the Fast buttons in the Options tab.

    Select Product Button Location

    The Fast Checkout button on the product details page can be displayed in 1 of 3 pre-set areas within the product's Add to Cart form:

    • Before Quantity Selection: This option places the button just above the quantity selection field in the Add to Cart form.

    • After Quantity Selection: This option places the button between the quantity selection field and the Add to Cart button.

    • After Add to Cart Button: This option places the button just below the Add to Cart button.

    A fourth option, Other, is available for users with an advanced understanding of WordPress hooks. If Other is selected, a valid WordPress action hook must be entered in the next field, Enter Alternate Product Button Location.

    Hide Buttons for these Products

    This option provides a way to select products for which the Fast Checkout button will not be displayed. To select a product, begin typing the name of the product in the field and then select the product from the list that appears. This will hide the Fast Checkout button from the selected product pages as well as the cart and checkout pages if a selected product is added to the cart.

    Display Login in Footer

    The Fast Login button displays in the footer by default for non-logged-in users. Uncheck this option to prevent the Fast Login button from displaying in the footer.

    Test and Debug

    The Test Mode tab provides options to enable testing and debugging your Fast installation.

    Test Mode

    Select the Test mode option so that only logged-in admin users can see the Fast Checkout button.

    Debug Mode

    Select the Debug Mode option to enable logging in the Fast plugin. The Fast plugin will log messages to the WooCommerce logs while Debug Mode is enabled.

    *Debug Mode logs a lot of information, so it should only be used for debugging issues and only for short durations.

    Disable Multi-currency Support

    This option can be used to disable multi-currency support. This is only necessary if you do not need to support multi-currency in the Fast checkout process and the store uses a third-party multi-currency plugin to handle multi-currency in WooCommerce.

    Need Help?

    If you have any questions related to onboarding, installation, button styling, or Fast Checkout in general, Fast is here to help.

    For inquiries, please contact

    For FAQ, you can visit the Fast Help Center

    You can also use Fast Chat in the Fast Seller Dashboard (see below)

    For 24-hour assistance any day of the year, contact our support team by email or through your Client Portal.

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