How to Add or Modify Products in WooCommerce

    September 19, 2021

    Now that your store is up and running, you are ready to add your products. Depending on the QuickStart questions you completed, your new store may already have sample products loaded. There are two ways to add your unique products.

    Edit An Existing StoreBuilder-Generated Product 

    This is the easiest way to go and one of the ways that StoreBuilder stands out in helping you set up your store. Simply go to your Store > Products page on the left panel of your dashboard. 

    Click on the check box of a product similar to yours, hover your mouse over the name of the product and then select “Edit” in the bar. This will allow you to swap out your product photographs, descriptions, prices, and more.

    Add A New Product In WooCommerce 

    Alternatively, you can create a brand new product. This is helpful when your products have unique configurations. While in your WordPress dashboard, scroll down the left sidebar to find the Store > Products option. 

    Or  you can select “Show full menu” to take you to the full suite of WooCommerce tools. 

    Select WooCommerce > Products > Add New.


    Both of these options are available to you and take you to the same location in your StoreBuilder dashboard. In this menu, add your product photographs, descriptions, prices, and more. 

    If you need more help configuring your products, the WP101 WooCommerce video tutorial collection is always at your disposal with short (under 5 minutes) tutorials that walk you through all the possible options you can use to tailor your product information to exactly match your needs. 

    You can find the Video Tutorials in the left panel on your dashboard.

    The “Create a Simple Product” tutorial explains all the different options available on your product page. 

    Add A Product With Variations In WooCommerce 

    Often, you have to add products to stores with a variation. For example, you may have different sizes for a shirt or different colors for a mug. By selecting “Variable Product” from the “Product Data” menu inside your new WooCommerce product, you will be able to add these variations to your new product. 

    All the powerful tools of the WooCommerce platform are at your fingertips in your StoreBuilder dashboard.  And if you want to dig deeper into tailoring your products, the following StoreBuilder Academy videos are great tutorials to get you started. 

    •  Create a Grouped Product 
    •  Create an External Product 
    •  Create a Variable Product 
    •  Create a Downloadable Product 

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