StoreBuilder Frequently Asked Questions

    September 15, 2021

    Questions are expected when you begin working on your new store. Below are answers to several that may help you on your way.

    What's Under the Hood?

    » What is the difference between the Nexcess Portal and the WordPress Admin Dashboard? 

    The Nexcess client portal allows you to administer your hosting environment, view invoices, submit support requests, setup DNS, and much more.  

    Watch a 3-minute tour of the portal if you’d like to learn more! 

    » What is WordPress and WooCommerce and how is my store built? 

    Your StoreBuilder site is built on the leading website technologies of WordPress and WooCommerce.  WordPress powers the website and WooCommerce is behind StoreBuilder’s eCommerce functionalities. WooCommerce is currently the world’s top open-source eCommerce platform, powering close to 27% of all stores online. Wow! 

    While StoreBuilder powers your designs and structure with years of industry insights, we left the eCommerce parts -- the taxes, shipping, and other considerations -- to the experts. We built StoreBuilder on top of WooCommerce, and this means that much of the setup work you’ll be doing will be in WooCommerce. 

    » How do you find your WordPress credentials? 

    To find your WordPress Admin login/credentials you will need your Client Portal login. If you cannot locate them, click the Forgot Password? Link on the portal login page

    Once logged in click on Plans > Your Domain Name > Environment to see the login option for WordPress Admin. For other easy navigation options, please use our Admin Credentials walkthrough

    » How do I directly access my WordPress Dashboard? 

    During your purchase process, you were provided a direct link to your WordPress site along with a chance to update your admin password. 

    You can use the link provided in your email to log directly into your StoreBuilder site. This link includes your temporary URL. 

    » What is this temporary URL? 

    Your store isn’t online yet -- it’s live on one of our unique temporary URLs. This temporary URL serves as a place to set up your site before the world sees it, letting you fine tune your settings in a production environment until you’re ready to launch.  

    It is made up of a unique combination of letters and numbers, with the nexcess domain name.  Besides in your password reset email, you can find it in your Client Portal.  

    Select Plans > Click on your StoreBuilder Plan and under Sites you will see your temporary URL. 

    » Why does my WordPress Admin look like this? 

    As powerful as WordPress is, the admin area can get cluttered and complex. So we’ve taken extra steps to simplify the experience, giving you instant access to what matters most and pushing the rest into the background. 

    If you would like to revert back to the classic WordPress Admin, simply click the "Show Full Menu" on the left hand side: 

    To revert back to the simplified view, click the “Streamline Menu” on the left hand side: 

    How do I Get Started?

    We’re so excited for you to try the fastest way to get up and running with your online store. With StoreBuilder, we’ve taken the guesswork out of the “blank page.” No more overwhelming templates, no more “how do I get it to look like the example?”  StoreBuilder created a unique store, no coding required. 

    Right now, your store is waiting on your store information. That’s thanks to the questionnaire you filled out, working behind the scenes to give you a store tailored to your business, with designs based on best practices and coordinated by our experts. 

    We know that building and maintaining a store can be overwhelming. Or have a specific question about a particular feature? We have you covered. Check out our educational resources: 

     ● WooCommerce Videos from WP101:  Watch helpful tutorials from within your WordPress dashboard with WP101’s WooCommerce Course to learn everything you need to know about your new store. 

     ● The Nexcess Knowledge Base:  Check out these articles and guides from our Knowledge Base to learn more about how you can bring your store online. 

     ● The WooCommerce Resource Library:  Take your eCommerce store to the next level with these helpful WooCommerce tips & tricks

    Can't find your answer? Get help from the eCommerce experts:  the support team at Nexcess.

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